Welcome to Fabcon Engineering

Welcome to Fabcon Engineering, one of the leading manufacturers of forklift and lorry attachments in Ireland and the UK. Formed in 1989 we provide top quality products and services to our customers.

The Fabcon Container Tilting Machine (click here to see a video of the machine operating) has been developed to maximize container space usage. Designed and built mainly to withstand the tough operating conditions of the recycling industry it will comfortably adapt to use in other industry sectors. The Container Tilter is easy to access with a truck and it’s heavy duty load cells are able to record the weight at any stage during filling. The hydraulic door-pin and closing mechanisms enable the truck to be loaded and away efficiently & quickly. Click here to see the Container Tilter brochure.

Fabcon‘s excellent reputation is based on our robust, secure products which are designed to meet our customer's needs and work in the toughest environments for many years. Our grabs, clamps and forks handle products such as bricks, blocks, pavers, pipes, rings, roof tiles and kerbstones both on-site and in builders yards.

All Fabcon equipment is CE-Marked, load-tested and certified and complies fully with all safety requirements.